A Bais Yaakov Seminary
To Prepare
You for Life

Keeping the Jewish Tradition Alive in Every Student

TBY Tiferes Bnos Yisroel is a seminary for Jewish women. Since 2002, our school has been helping girls to develop their Torah studies. We also offer optional college programs in Queens, New York.

Dedicated Mechanchim

Live life following the teachings of Orthodox Judaism with Hashkafah based lessons. At the seminary, we have:

  • Experienced and Engaging Faculty Members
  • Practical Life Preparation Curriculum
  • Relevant Halachos Studies
  • Strong Relationship Within Students and Clients
  • Solid Hashkafah
  • Memorable Shabbatonim and Trips

Preparing You for Life

Our institution wants every learner to walk away with a solid Bachelor of Science college degree in two years. We offer first-rate curriculums in special education, mental health, regular teaching, business, computers, and most other professions.

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